The Executive Council of the Public Entity, St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands wishes to get in touch with candidates who are interested in the following function:


As Inspector for environment and public spaces you are tasked with ensuring that external parties comply with all relevant zoning laws, local ordinances, and regulations and if necessary, the implementation of the necessary sanctions for non-compliance. This entails the inspections of all areas, related to the environment, public and private spaces.

Specific Requirements

  • Education level of MBO level-4 or equivalent;
  • 3-5 years’ experience in the in a function related to economy, nature or administration;
  • Valid driver’s license for Category B.
  • General knowledge of the relevant procedures and legislations related to nature and/or environment.

Specific Requirements

  • Ensures compliance (alerting, inspecting, informing, reporting) of rules and regulations pertaining to nature, economy and public spaces based on all relevant environmental, hindrance rules and local legislations;
  • Takes preventive or repressive measures (within his/her authority or according to agreements) in the case of observed irregularities or violations, counteracts the consequences of violations and informs the management or authorities involved within the given time limit;
  • Performs specific investigations, examinations or inspections of any public area and provides advice as needed;
  • Performs fieldwork to control if permits are being complied with;
  • Acts as investigator (BavPOL’er) and draws up official reports and issues fine in cases of violations (Bavpol training will be provided and certification is granted based on the successful completion of the training and is a compulsory requirement as Inspector).

Handling of complaints, incidents, and providing information

  • Provides information concerning the proper procedures to involved parties;
  • Provides information on applications for the issuance of environmental permits.
  • The inspector investigates and meditates and makes decisions based on regulations, while considering the preventative or repressive measures, in close consultation with the manager, in deciding whether or not to use administrative enforcement;

Skills and knowledge

  • Knowledge about environment, safety regulations, asbestos situations, and hazardous substances;
  • Knowledge about environmental themes: noise, energy, air and odor, light, erosion, climate adaptation, water and soil;
  • Basic knowledge of Environmental laws and regulation and environmental permits (“Algemene plaatselijk verordening, en Wet VROM BES”,);
  • Skills in investigating violations and illegal situations or activities;


  • With the manager and employees to give information, advice and/or to come to agreements regarding the way in which services are delivered and the implementation of projects and taskforces;
  • With external parties in order to resolve complaints and incidents;
  • With persons/organizations in the context of enforcement duties in order to conduct investigations and share results where there may be differing interests.
  • With employees regarding mandates to be given, the creation of inspection reports
  • With external parties regarding the supervision of compliance to legislation, requirements and permits in order to ascertain the violations, discuss investigation results, fine tune proposals for solutions and give advice; and fine-tuning official reports;

Working conditions:

The function is equivalent to scale 8 on the salary scale, with a minimum of $ 2,392.52 to a maximum of $ 3,329.69 gross per month in a 39,5-hour irregular work week. This is based on experience and education.

Are you interested in applying for the position of Environment and Public Space Inspector at the Public Entity Sint Eustatius? You are invited to respond in writing no later than June 5th, 2020. The interviews for this vacancy will take place in the week of June 15th, 2020 to June 19th, 2020. Kindly direct all applications to:

Executive Council of Sint Eustatius
Attn: Ms. Francisca Gibbs
Unit Manager Internal Services
Fort Oranjestraat 7

E-mail: personnel.affairs@statiagov.com

More Information
For more information about the vacancy of Environment & Public Space Inspector the Unit manager of Unit Licenses, Ms. W. van Zoest can be contacted via email at unit.vergunningen@statiagov.com or by Tel: 599 318-0051

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