To live and work in Curacao - Werk ze!

Curacao is the largest island of the former Netherlands Antilles. The population of Curacao is approximately 157,000 men. This according to figures from Central Bureau of Statistics Curacao.

Living in Curacao

Are you considering coming to live and work in Curacao? Then there are several things that you will have to take into account. One is your move. If you want to move without too much trouble and have everything arranged, you can consider the services of Na Kaminda. Na Kaminda provides various services for people who want to move to Curacao or Bonaire. In addition, you can find various information about living in Curacao at Naar Curacao. They regularly publish useful information about living in Curacao.

There are several real estate agents active in Curacao for housing. Here is a list of some real estate agents where you can go for a rental or owner-occupied home:

Do you not want to get to your home through a broker? Then you can look at Bibienda for your new home. On Bibienda, houses and / or apartments are placed for sale / rent by owners.

Do you not want to get to your home through a broker? Then you can look at Bibienda for your new home. On Bibienda, houses and / or apartments are placed for sale / rent by owners.

Buying a car in Curacao

In addition to arranging a home, arranging a car is also very important. Public transport in Curacao is not as nicely arranged as in the Netherlands, so you wouldn’t want to rely on it. Otherwise you will find yourself waiting for a bus in the sun every day. If this does not seem to you, it is useful to buy / rent a car. There are several ways to get a car. You can buy a new car at one of the various dealers present in Curacao. Or you can buy a second-hand car, Via Via is recommended or an online car marketplace in Curacao.

Working in Curacao

If you want to work in Curacao, you have to look for vacancies. This unless you already have a specific company in mind. Otherwise, you have to rely on the vacancies that are released for work in Curacao.

Finding Vacancies in Curacao

Dozens of vacancies become available in Curacao every month. And these also there are several ways to find these vacancies on Bonaire. So keep an eye on these channels if you want to stay informed of all vacancies on Bonaire.


Vacancies are regularly published in newspapers such as Extra. Job advertisements in online publications are also increasingly being used.

Job Boards

There are also job boards in Curacao active. One of the oldest job sites active in Curaçao is Curacao Jobs. As the name makes clear, they have strict vacancies in Curacao here. There are also job boards that operate on multiple islands. Job seekers can register for vacancies in Curacao or one of the other islands that were part of the Netherlands Antilles on such a vacancy bank.

Werk ze! is an example of this. We are one of the few active job boards in Curacao, but we offer more than vacancies for Curacao only. Werk ze! also offers vacancies on Bonaire, Aruba, St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius. Employers can quickly and easily post their available vacancies with us.

Facebook Pages

On Facebook you also have a page where people publish job vacancies on mainly Curaçao, namely ‘Korsou Tin Trabou‘. Korsou Tin Trabou publishes daily photos of vacancies that are published in newspapers or that can be found on Facebook. This is a very good initiative for people who don’t mind browsing through different photos. A disadvantage of this is that the search is slightly more difficult than with a specialized job site. Because the photos are placed without any description, it is sometimes difficult to search. This while at a job site like Werk ze !, you can easily filter to your desired vacancy. Take a look at our available jobs.

Curacao salaries compared to the Netherlands

Salary is lower here in Curacao compared to salaries in the Netherlands. Many job seekers who want to settle here have too high a salary expectation. If you earn € 6,500 in the Netherlands, you are expected to earn ƒ 13,000 in Curacao. But this is generally not the case. Your salary will be less than this.

According to Curacao for You you can use the following rule of thumb, Your Salary In Curacao in ƒ = Your salary in the Netherlands in € X 1.4.

So suppose you earn € 3,000 in the Netherlands, your salary in Curacao will be ƒ 4,200 (3000X1.4 = ƒ 4,200).

Adjusting your expectations slightly will help you take the step to live and work in Curacao. Because as you can see you will (almost) never have the same salary.

Employment Agencies in Curacao

Working for an employment agency may be attractive to some. There are also certain companies that only fill specific positions through employment agencies. There are several employment agencies active in Curacao, including Kadanz and Impacto. These employment agencies regularly have vacancies in Curacao, and some also have vacancies on Aruba and Bonaire. Tempo Caribbean, a larger employment agency is also active on the island of St. Maarten. This in addition to having offices on Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.


Unemployment fell from 12.6% in 2014 to 11.7% in 2015, meaning there were approximately 8,200 unemployed in Curacao in 2015.

In 2014, the working population of Curaçao consisted of 67,850 persons and increased by 2,171 persons to a total of 70,021 persons in 2015. This is an increase of 3.2%.

The non-economically active population (pensionados) was 47.5% and 23.8% (students) in 2015. The largest sector with the most active workers is the wholesale and retail sectors; repair of cars and motorcycles; Human health and social services; and ‘accommodation and food service activities’.

2019 Curacao Unemployment Update

The results of the Labor Force Survey conducted in April this year by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) show that the unemployment rate has risen to 21.2 percent.

The unemployed have grown from 9,424 (December 2018) persons to 15,464 (April 2019) in the past six months; this is an increase of 64%.

I hope you have found enough information necessary in order to live and work in Curacao. If there are any points that we still need to pay attention to, please let us know in the comments.