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The Perfect End of Your Cover Letter + 5 Examples

Afsluiting sollicitatiebrief

Would you like to close your cover letter in an original and catchy way, but don’t know how? With these tips, your letter will always stand out!

This is probably a familiar situation; You have written the perfect cover letter and motivation, but you are not invited for an initial interview. This can have various causes, but often you get little feedback about this in the rejection email. Fact is, your cover letter should convince you first.

The end of your cover letter also determines to a greater extent what impression you leave on the reader. Because this is such an important part of the letter, we will help you write a strong and convincing conclusion to your cover letter. But why is the conclusion of your cover letter so important?

Why is a good end so important?

Most people spend too little time closing a cover letter. You’ve probably been thinking about a creative opening and catchy motivation for a long time, but that’s why the end of your cover letter is so important. You still have to convince the employer or recruiter of your knowledge and skills.

If the rest of the letter has not yet triggered him or her, the closing can be just that one push to invite you for an interview. The closing sentence is often what sticks and can make or break an application letter. Make sure you come across as enthusiastic and confident, this way the chances of them forgetting your letter will be smaller.

What does the closing of your cover letter consist of?

The endof your cover letter is what the reader will read last and thus remember best. The reader must be convinced that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Nowadays you can no longer simply end a cover letter with a sentence like: “I would like to explain my motivation in a first interview”. With this, you will not stand out and you will not distinguish yourself from the rest of the candidates.

The following points should definitely be included in the conclusion of your cover letter:

  1. Summary
    The closing sentence should be a short summary (of 3-4 sentences) of the rest of your cover letter. So do not mention new characteristics or qualities in the conclusion of your cover letter.
  2. Announce that you are going to complete the letter
    It is a good idea to announce in advance that you are going to close the letter. Don’t do this overnight. This can be solved very easily by using one simple sentence. Such as: “Summary” or “To conclude”.
  3. Distinguish yourself
    What you want to achieve is that your letter stands out among the dozens of other letters. A catchy and original end to your cover letter is therefore very important. That is why you can also spend a little longer on this. Even though the closing sentence is the shortest part of the letter, it doesn’t mean it’s unimportant.
  4. Call to Action
    Add a persuasive sentence to your closing word that calls for an action from the reader, also known as a call-to-action. In this way you let the reader know that you are motivated and enthusiastic about the vacancy. For example, you can indicate that you would like to be invited for an interview to explain your motivation.
  5. Refer to your resume
    It is always important that you refer to your curriculum vitae attached, at the end of your cover letter.   

Ending an open application letter

When you have to come up with the ending words of a letter aimed at a vacancy for a specific job, you can indicate why you are suitable for this position. You try to convince the reader of your qualities based on the vacancy. You can emphasize this at the end of your cover letter. With an open application, this is a bit more difficult.

Because you do not always know what you are specifically applying for with an open cover letter, you have to be creative. Use your imagination. You have mentioned all your qualities and good characteristics in the letter. Put this one more time on paper and keep the closure general. Show that you are enthusiastic and that you are flexible. Name qualities that can be useful in different situations.

Closing of a specific cover letter

In this situation, you already know for which position and job you are applying. So you should definitely use this. Read the job description carefully and try to understand more about the company you are applying to.

For example, do you know that it is a large company where you are applying? Then keep the closing formal. Is it a smaller company? Then you can safely close the cover letter in a more informal way. But too formal or too informal is not good either. Always keep the ending of your letter neat and polite, because you can never be sure who is going to review your letter.

You should not do this in the conclusion of your letter

You now have a good understanding of what is important for a catchy end of your cover letter. Yet we often see the same mistakes that could have been easily prevented. So please avoid the following mistakes,

  1. Gebruik geen woorden als: hopen of denken.
    Zeg niet: “Ik denk dat ik de juiste kandidaat ben” of “Ik hoop snel op gesprek te mogen komen”. Wees zelfverzekerder en gebruik meer actieve woorden in de afsluiting.
  2. Wees niet te formeel of informeel
    In de afsluiting van je brief moet je ervoor zorgen dat je niet gaat schrijven op een manier die niet bij jou past. Vaak voorkomende fouten zijn dat mensen het te zakelijk en professioneel maken, waardoor de afsluiting niet oprecht en onnatuurlijk overkomt. Of juist het tegenovergestelde. We zien ook vaak dat iemand het niet te formeel wilt maken, dus het juist te informeel afsluit. Dit kan ervoor zorgen dat de lezer gaat denken dat je niet serieus bent.
  3. Maak het niet te langdradig
    Een afsluiting is juist bedoelt om in het kort nog even de belangrijkste punten uit jouw brief te benadrukken. Daarnaast wil je de lezer tot actie roepen. Dit moet dus kort en krachtig.
  4. Het is geen reclame voor jezelf
    Onthoud dat je geen reclame voor jezelf aan het maken bent. Natuurlijk wil je jezelf verkopen, maar doe dit subtiel. Vind in het slot een balans tussen zelfverzekerdheid en bescheidenheid.
  1. Don’t use words like hope or think.
    Don’t say, “I think I’m the right candidate” or “I hope to meet you soon.” Be more confident and use more active words in the closing.
  2. Don’t be too formal or informal
    In closing your letter, make sure you don’t write in a way that doesn’t suit you. Common mistakes are that people make it too business-like and professional so that the closing doesn’t come across as sincere and unnatural. Or just the opposite. We also often see that someone does not want to make it too formal, so close it too informally. This can make the reader think you’re not serious.
  3. Don’t make it too long
    A conclusion is intended to briefly emphasize the most important points from your letter. You also want to call the reader to action. So this has to be short and sweet.
  4. It’s not an advertisement for yourself
    Remember you are not promoting yourself. Of course, you want to sell yourself but do this subtly. In the end, find a balance between self-assurance and modesty.

Then sign the letter with a greeting: “Sincerely”, this comes across the best. Under the greeting, place your full first and last name. You can optionally choose to add your signature.

Examples of a good end of your cover letter

Example #1

“I know that with my passion for animals and the outdoors, my broad experience, perseverance and eagerness to learn, I am the right candidate for this position.

I look forward to your response and look forward to your invitation to explain my motivation!”

Example #2

“This letter has given you a first impression of my knowledge, qualities and interest I have in this position. I would like to further explain my motivation in a personal conversation. I look forward to an invitation to this with interest and enthusiasm.”

Example #3

“I would like to refer you to my curriculum vitae in the appendix, for more information about my knowledge and experiences. Of course I am happy to explain my motivation in a first meeting. If you have any questions, you can always contact me by email or phone. I look forward to your response!”

Example #4

“Finally, I would like to let you know once again that I am very enthusiastic about the vacancy and the job description. Further information can be found in my CV which is attached in the attachment. I would like to hear when I can come to an interview to further explain my enthusiasm and motivation”.

Example #5

“With my open attitude, drive and passion for what I do, I am convinced that I am a good asset to your company. In my curriculum vitae you will find further explanation of my qualities and experience. If you are not yet convinced of my knowledge and/or skills, I will gladly come and tackle this doubt in an introductory meeting”.

Example #6

“For my complete work history and training paths, I would like to refer you to my CV, which can be found in the appendix. In addition, I would like to emphasize once again that this is really my dream job, full of opportunities and challenges. I wish to hear from you soon, so that I can further clarify certain ambiguities.”

Hopefully, after reading this post, you will have a better idea of how to approach the closing of your cover letter. If you want more information about writing a cover letter, feel free to read further articles about it.

And if you have a question or comment, you can easily leave it below.

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