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Werkloosheid op Aruba 77%

The Unemployment Rate in Aruba Is Not 77%

Yesterday, media coverage of unemployment in Aruba appeared. This would have risen to 77%. However, there has been a misunderstanding regarding this number. Unemployment has risen by 77% compared to the end of 2019, when unemployment on the island was still 7.3%. Like many other countries around the world, Aruba was hit hard by the

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Holidays in Aruba 2020

List Of The Official 2020 Holidays In Aruba

Who doesn’t like to be free from work without it being deducted from their vacation days. The official days off are useful for this. In some cases, you can just stick an extra day at the back and you have a ‘long weekend’. Take your agenda, because we have listed here an overview of all

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Official 2020 Holidays in St. Maarten

I’m probably not the only one who likes being free from work every now and then, without deducting it from my vacation days. St. Maarten has had enough of these (official) days off, during which children also get free from school. In some cases, you just stick an extra day at the back and you

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